When we place our faith in Jesus, we become part of something bigger than ourselves. We become part of his family, his body, his people. In fact, Jesus said that the world would know we are his followers by our love for one another. Our love for God and one another is the church’s most powerful witness to a watching world.

There are numerous ways to demonstrate his love right here at Holy Trinity Anglican. Read through the opportunities and consider where you can serve.


Members of Holy Trinity Anglican are invited to serve on the Altar Guild to help set up the sanctuary and prepare our worship space on Sunday mornings. You’ll be trained on the proper manner and procedure in handling the vessels and materials used in each service and in altar preparation. The guild exists to assist the clergy and is headed by the Rector.


Altar Guild members are divided into four teams with one team responsible for worship service preparation each week. Members serve approximately once a month and choose to serve either the first or the second service.

Altar Guild members prepare the chancel before each service. They also prepare for the essential rite of Holy Baptism.

Those serving for the first service arrive around 8:35am to prepare for the 9am service. Following the first service, the altar is reset for the second service.

Those serving the 11am service arrive around 10:10 am, prepare for the service and stay afterwards to clean up. In addition, when Communion is scheduled, available members for that week are invited to come in Saturday at 10:30am for preliminary setup in the sacristy, which makes the Sunday morning setup go smoothly.

Teams may be asked to contribute as needed between services. Our goal is to have enough members so that we can be flexible with individual schedules.


Sidney Reynolds:


Coffee and tea are served every Sunday morning in the Courtyard lobby after the 8:45am service (during fall through spring) and after the 10am service (during the summer months). When Foundations classes are held, coffee and tea are also served at the Foundations classroom areas on the second floor: one at the kitchen and two outside of the Chapel. Providing coffee gives our worshippers a wonderful opportunity to have a time of fellowship and conversation.


Each coffee team consists of two people who serve one Sunday every 6-8 weeks. Preparation for the coffee service begins at 8:15am to make coffee and set up at the three stations. Clean-up of the coffee stations takes about 30 minutes and is done either following Foundations (at 10:50am) or after the second service at 11am (depending on personal preference). Coffee is not served following the 11am service. One training session is required to learn how to operate the coffee maker and how to set up the coffee stations. The coffee machine operation requires measuring the proper amount of coffee, setting the coffee pot in place and pressing a button. No special skills are needed.


Sarah Krivsky:


The Flower Guild provides altar flowers for Sunday worship, as well as decorates the church for Easter and Christmas. Participation in the Flower Guild is open to anyone who enjoys arranging flowers and/or delivering flowers to church members who may be ill, shut-in or mothers who have had a baby.


Members of the Guild who choose to arrange the altar flowers are asked to sign up for two or three Sundays during the calendar year. Signup can be with a partner or alone. Members are given the opportunity to sign up in two-month increments. The assigned flower arranger is responsible for purchasing flowers of her choice/color. Flowers and greenery from the arranger’s garden are a great source if possible! Reimbursement of up to $50 per Sunday for the altar flowers can be available through the church office. The Guild will provide bricks of oasis for each of the two urns, as well as small vases. Plant food is provided as well. Most Guild members find it convenient to arrive at the church on Saturday morning before noon to arrange their flowers. Flower arrangements need to be in place 30 minutes prior to the 8:45am Sunday service. (The arranger will be notified on Friday prior to her assigned Sunday if she needs to break down her arrangements immediately after the second service. These arrangements can be picked up by a parishioner for delivery to a church member). ALL Guild members are asked to participate in decorating and breaking down both the Easter and Christmas decorations. Training sessions for flower arranging are held as needed.

In addition to the arrangements done by the Flower Guild, we are excited to offer an opportunity for church members to sign up on our flower calendar to have flowers placed on the altar to the glory of God and in loving memory or in honor of a loved one. The altar arrangements will be done by Kelly Odom Flowers at a cost of $250.00. Recognition of your flowers for your loved one(s) will be included in the Wednesday newsletter, What’s Happening at Holy Trinity. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a date or if you have any questions. We’ve put together a helpful “Protocol for Altar Flowers” document should you decide to sign up for a Sunday.


Susan Fonville at or Mary Boxley at


The Meals with Care and Grace Ministry provides food for the soul and spirit as well as the body by offering a meal and prayer to an individual or family in a time of blessing or difficulty. The ministry consists of twelve teams who prepare and deliver a meal for Holy Trinity Anglican members after the birth or adoption of a child, following surgery, during an extended illness, and after the loss of a loved one.


Each one of the twelve teams consists of at least two members. Each team is then assigned a specific month and will be available for that month should any needs arise. The team will provide the meals as needed themselves or arrange for the meals to be provided to the individuals or families in need.


Sarah Krivsky:


The Practical Support Ministry assists members who are in need of some practical help from time to time when they are incapacitated or physically unable to do something on their own. Examples of the kind of help offered are: a ride to a medical appointment, assistance with a minor issue around the home or moving small household items.


You will be asked to serve as practical needs arise. Please let us know what handyman skills you have.


John Wood:


Ushers serve an important role in our services by helping seat people for the service and providing a friendly welcome as people enter the church and receive the morning leaflet. Each usher team serves once a month at either our 8:45am or 11am services. Ushers may also serve at special services such as on Holy Days and funerals. During Holy Communion, ushers help direct people through the line to receive Communion either at the altar rail or the various stations throughout the sanctuary.


Ushers arrive 30 minutes before their assigned service. For the 9:00am service, they would usher from approximately 8:15-10:15am; for the 11am service, 10:30am-12:30pm. This is traditionally a men’s ministry. No special skills required.


Bill Nelson: or  919 946-2830