Here is a brief overview of our current global ministry partners that Holy Trinity Anglican supports financially. Be amazed, touched and inspired by these ministries that are faithfully serving God through the building up of his church in their respective cities and countries. Pray for them and rejoice in what God is accomplishing. We are privileged to be a part of their good work.

127 Worldwide believes that vulnerable communities can flourish! We exist to connect and equip the global body of Christ to work together to empower vulnerable communities. 127 serves as a bridge between believers looking to tangibly live out James 1:27 and effective local leaders in Kenya, Uganda and Guatemala.

You read 127 Worldwide’s latest news and prayer requests for April Here.

The Anglican Diocese of N. Western Australia, under Bishop Gary Nelson, is an extremely vast area of small remote towns, and it is very challenging to oversee. Over the past several years, Western Australia has experienced a significant economic downturn that has had drastic consequences in the life of their small-town churches. Some towns have had a considerable drop in population and hence the churches have suffered a consequent loss in congregation numbers. The Diocese of N. Western Australia has had to rely on outside areas for 60% of their support.

The diocese has put together this wonderful prayer diary – complete with photos, praises and prayer requests for each area of its ministry. Will you join them in prayer?

The vision of Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) is to see viable, biblically-based, indigenous churches multiplying in all the 6,000 plus unreached people groups of the world (approximately 1.75 billion people). To accomplish this vision, AFM travels to churches, youth meetings and conferences to educate, challenge and train both short- and long-term missionaries to go where the need is greatest (where the church does not yet exist).

AFM targets only unreached peoples and unchristianized areas. They do not send missionaries to areas where the church is sufficiently numerous to evangelize and minister to their own (i.e., South America, Central America, Uganda, Rwanda). One of the annual strategic objectives is to raise up five new missionaries to go serve in a city or region where the church is not.

Please take a moment to read their May Call to Prayer and the latest mission update for April.

Join us on Zoom to hear directly from our Partners on the ground in Ukraine!

Dear Friends,

Over the past year, ARDF has supported 15 partners working to address immediate needs as a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. With the support of faithful and generous donors like you, we provided nearly $1 million toward efforts supporting churches, refugees, orphans, and displaced Ukrainians with shelter, generators, warm sleeping bags, food, medical supplies, and much much more.

Holy Trinity Anglican partners with ARDF in order to connect with those in need around the world. Through a holistic, high impact and proven community development approach, ARDF seeks to strengthen and encourage believers, rescue and restore lives, and glorify Jesus Christ. As a part of a global church, these efforts connect us in a powerful way with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and enable us to partner in proclaiming the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Find out what projects ARDF is planning.

ARDF has put together these 2020 videos that highlight and celebrate four completed projects, thanks in part to Holy Trinity’s donations to ARDF. Watch now!

Please take a moment to read April newsletter.

The Rev. Bisoke Balikenga and his wife, Furaha, minister in Bunia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, where they educate and care for the many widows and orphaned children in their Province. They also provide counseling, seminars on forgiveness, reconciliation and peace building, education in literacy and practical skills, assistance with health care, a choir for evangelism, a small house for widows, clothing and food.

You can read there latest update here.

Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed and world changers developed.

Our present mission of ministering to graduate students at Oxford University and helping to catalyze graduate student ministries elsewhere in Europe is very much a ministry of developing future global leaders. More than half of all graduate students at Oxford University are international students, some of the world’s best and brightest. Imagine a world in which these future global leaders now studying in Oxford saw their education not as a “passport to privilege” but as equipment for service. These young men and women are often encouraged to pursue credentials without regard for character, to develop skills without a higher purpose and to promote narrow national or personal interests without regard for God or neighbor. But what if these students instead chose to follow Christ? What if these gifted students—the world’s future doctors, lawyers, artists, scientists, leaders, educators and innovators—followed Jesus, giving their lives to the resolution of the crises and challenges of our time out of love for God and for our global neighbors?”


Our primary local ministry partner here, the Oxford Pastorate, is a leader in this strategic mission field, both serving graduate students through fellowship programs and collaborations with local churches here in Oxford, and also serving as a key partner in resourcing and networking ministries to graduate students throughout Europe. We believe that as missionaries, our specific gifts and past work experiences have primed us to help the Oxford Pastorate in significant ways. First, through developing programs and initiatives that help graduate students 1) to discern the ways God is uniquely calling and equipping them to serve, 2) to integrate their faith with their academic and professional disciplines, and 3) to mature as Christian leaders. Second, we feel uniquely positioned to help support the Oxford Pastorate’s development as an organization 1) to act as bridgebuilders between often segmented or siloed parts of the Christian ecosystem within Oxford as a university city, and 2) to catalyze graduate student ministry in university cities beyond Oxford through strategic partnerships.


Please read their April 2023 prayer letter and join them in prayer for these things.


Five Talents is a Christian development organization serving the poor alongside partner churches within the Anglican Communion. It was formed at the Lambeth Conference in 1998, in response to dire poverty church leaders in the global south faced within their church communities. Currently, Five Talent’s ministries serve vulnerable communities in South Sudan, Burundi, Indonesia, Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the Dominican Republic of Congo.

Five Talent’s vision is to eradicate extreme poverty by restoring human dignity and creating strong, sustainable communities. Their mission is to accomplish this by transforming lives through economic empowerment. They help create jobs by helping the poor develop their own businesses through sound business training, access to community loans and participation in community savings programs. These businesses provide jobs in their communities — all started with small amounts of money that go a long way in developing countries. The dignity that comes to the poor that are involved in these programs helps defeat the circumstances of poverty. Community Savings Groups foster friendship and accountability and provide a safe space for women and men to share their challenges, successes and be encouraged by one another. Check out this 1:00 video that takes you inside the impact of these groups..

We are grateful that our work can continue during this time. We would appreciate your prayers for our partners around the world. In many of these areas, healthcare is not a given. Please pray for the health and safety of our partners and the men, women and children they are serving both now as we work globally to prevent the spread of coronavirus and in the coming months as these already fragile economies cope with the impacts.

Five Talents Lunch and Learn Video

The purpose of Explore is to extend the reach of George Whitefield College’s reformed theological education on the Africa continent through relevant, affordable, and accessible study material.  Each of Explore’s eight modules is designed to actively engage students in a personal study of God’s Word through investigative exercises and focused Bible readings. Explore aims to grow Christians in their knowledge of the Bible and theology, enabling them to teach and share the gospel in either their local church or workplace.

Please have a look at the YouTube video about Darlington’s story

Stay up to date with their June prayer letter.

Johann and Louise Vanderbijl have spent many years working throughout the African continent serving through the Society of  Anglican Missionaries and Senders. They currently minister in the Netherlands pastoring a church, writing and teaching discipleship.

Here is a recent update letter for June.

Langham Partnership formerly John Stott Ministries has a three-fold ministry: to equip theological leaders who equip pastors and emerging leaders to multiply disciples; to train local pastors to teach the Bible, equipping pastors to shepherd their churches with God’s Word; and to develop and distribute books to equip leaders and pastors to provide biblical solutions to local issues” so that “God’s people grow as disciples of Christ and extend the gospel in their families and communities.”  Holy Trinity has supplied a grant to update the Africa Bible Commentary as part of Langham’s literature efforts. Read this wonderful update from them about the project!

Please pray along with them.

In partnership with Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye of Matana Diocese Burundi, Holy Trinity is sponsoring scholarships for talented students to attend Christian boarding school. The bishop’s goal is for these students to rise to become national leaders in both the church and government.

Please pray for a global outreach partner family who works in a restricted access country as they bring the good news of the gospel to villagers in their region through music, dance and Scripture study.

The Rev. Kerry and Cynthia Buttram are serving in a Chaplaincy position at Christ Church Amsterdam under the Bishop of Europe.

You can read their Winter Newsletter Here.

The Alexandria School for Theology is the only Anglican theological institution in the Middle East that teaches primarily in Arabic. Its mission is to teach, train and form lay leaders, ordinands and clergy of the Diocese of Egypt, members of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and any other student who wishes to learn of Christ. Holy Trinity provides scholarship money for strategic leaders in the region who require additional theological training to fulfill their leadership roles. Their March newsletter is full of news and updates.


On Saturday 26 September, the Episcopal/ Anglican Church celebrated the graduation of a new class of students from the Alexandria School of Theology, with a ceremony hosted by All Saints’ Church in Zamalek. Dr. Mounir Hanna, Archbishop of the Province of Alexandria, congratulated the new graduates, saying: “There is no doubt that what you have learned during these past years at seminary has helped you to increase your knowledge about the mind of God and also about the teaching of the Apostles. I pray that this seminary training you received will help you so that your service will be effective and productive, leading to the growth of the Church and the extension of the Kingdom of God.” Bishop Samy Fawzy, the Dean of the College, also had words of encouragement to say to the graduates: “The Lord spoke about the harvest being great but the workers being few, which is a call to us! The church needs true servants that are willing to be sent in order to gather his harvest, servants that are dedicated and will not grow tired or give up. God wants servants who meet challenges with the sword of the Holy Word.” 

Established in Cairo in 1982 under the authority of the Diocese of Egypt, the mission of the Deaf Unit is to educate and train deaf children to learn languages (Egyptian Sign Language, Arabic and English) and develop vocational skills. It is Christ-centered with worship at its core.  Additional ministries include The Deaf Club, The Deaf Church and The Deaf Choir. They have also developed a Deaf Bible based on Egyptian Sign Language.

The Deaf Unit also focuses on teaching sign language to parents, families and communities so that deaf children can better communicate at home. Additionally, it coordinates a community-based program in rural Egypt. The Deaf Unit is effectively an orphanage for many hearing families unable to raise deaf children. Today, the unit continues to enable these children to grow up as strong Christian adults who can succeed in the hearing world.

For the latest updates, read this wonderful story of success! And view this inspiring video about their work, particularly in light of the pandemic.


Click here to read their Spring Message

Holy Trinity is sponsoring a program for clergy widows in the Lango Diocese of Uganda through the ministry of the Rev. Susan Olwa, wife of Bishop Alfred Olwa.  Upon the death of their husbands, clergy widows have no housing or income, so are at a severe disadvantage without these supports. The clergy widows of Lango Diocese will be given practical gifts to aid their life yearly as a result of this outreach grant.