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Many of you have asked about “further reading” on fear.  Here are some of the books I have worked with while preparing for this series.  If you’re going to read one book on the fear of the Lord then pick-up Mike Reeves’ new book from Crossway – it’s a treasure trove of insights.  John Flavel’s work from the 1600s is a timeless classic.  Chang is sensitive and practical in writing about Anxiety, and shares much from his own personal experience.  Bader-Saye’s book is very thoughtful, sometimes provocative, and always interesting.  Furedi writes as a social scientist – not a Christian – and provides a fascinating cultural account of fear.  Enjoy!

Click to order Rejoice & Tremble by Michael Reeves

Rejoice & Tremble:
The Surprising Good News of the Fear of the Lord

Michael Reeves

Click to order The Anxiety Opportunity by Curtis Chang

The Anxiety Opportunity: How Worry is the Doorway to Your Best Self
Curtis Chang

Click to order Triumphing Over Sinful Fear by John Flavel

Triumphing Over Sinful Fear 
John Flavel

Click to order a copy of Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear by Scott Bader-Saye

Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear 
Scott Bader-Saye

Click to order How Fear Works: The Culture of Fear in the 21st Century by Frank Furedi

How Fear Works:
Finding Culture of Fear in the 21st Century

Frank Furedi