It’s true that with aging comes its fair share of challenges and problems. It is equally true that as followers of Jesus Christ, we have purpose and value, and he is just waiting to use us in the lives of others and to continue his transforming work in us to be more like him.

For anyone aged 60 and over, retirement from actively following Jesus is not an option. We still have more learning and growing to do as his disciples, especially as we grow older. And we also have a responsibility to share with those who are younger than us what we’ve learned about living a faithful life and to serve our community with the skills we’ve acquired professionally and personally over the previous decades.

This ministry is of Holy Trinity parishioners for one another and our community. Our prayer is that in the months and years ahead, you will discover anew your value before God and what it means to live faithfully, leaving a witness of joy, hope and courage.

60+ Bible Study: Aging Faithfully as a Courageous Witness with Dr. Gil Greggs

Tuesdays, January 23 – February 27, 2024 at 4pm in the Courtyard Classroom

Over the course of six weeks, we will examine the challenges and blessings of living long in God’s creation. We will explore portraits of faithful aging available to us in the Bible, in the history of the Church and in our culture. From the life of David, Solomon, Jeremiah and Job, and classic presentations of aging in Shakespeare and art and literature, to the lives of Mother Teresea, Leo Tolstoy and Billy Graham. This study is for those 60 years and older!

Living and Dying Well: The Gospel Way

The choices we make today – whether we are 25, 42 or 87 – affect not just our lives in the present, but our lives as we near their inevitable end. Or to be more direct, how we die and the legacy we leave behind. Are we gaining hearts of wisdom and walking daily more closely in line with the truth of the gospel now? Are we becoming more tenderhearted, forgiving one another and participating in the blessings of community now? And are we preparing our loved ones now to enter into our care and make decisions on our behalf when we can no longer speak for ourselves and after we have died?

Our October conference focused on these topics, equipping us with biblical truth and practical wisdom, and helping us connect the dots between how we live now and how we die. Please take time to read and reflect on the conference resources and commit to having meaningful conversations with your loved ones, with the goal of living and dying in ways that more clearly reflect the gospel to all around us.

Visit the Conference Resources webpage where you will find the workbook, a recommended book list, articles dealing with the end of life and other materials.