It’s true that with aging comes its fair share of challenges and problems. It is equally true that as followers of Jesus Christ, we have purpose and value, and he is just waiting to use us in the lives of others and to continue his transforming work in us to be more like him.

For anyone aged 60 and over, retirement from actively following Jesus is not an option. We still have more learning and growing to do as his disciples, especially as we grow older. And we also have a responsibility to share with those who are younger than us what we’ve learned about living a faithful life and to serve our community with the skills we’ve acquired professionally and personally over the previous decades.

This ministry is of Holy Trinity parishioners for one another and our community. Our prayer is that in the months and years ahead, you will discover anew your value before God and what it means to live faithfully, leaving a witness of joy, hope and courage.

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Living and Dying Well: The Gospel Way on Friday evening, Oct. 20, and Saturday morning, Oct. 21

How do we live out all of our days in line with the gospel and in light of our mortality up to the day we die? Join us as we answer this question and rediscover forgotten wisdom through historical and scriptural sources, led by Lydia Dugdale, MD, associate professor of Medicine and director for Clinical Medical Ethics at Columbia University, and author of The Lost Art of Dying, and John Alsdorf, co-founder of Holy Trinity’s New City Fellows program with his wife Katherine and retired from a corporate career in management training and computer system development.

Lydia and John will also share biblical principles for reconciling broken relationships and talk through healthcare proxies and advance directives with Crystal Pressley, MD, and funeral and burial planning with funeral director Justin Barfield.

This is a conference for adults of all ages and designed with special emphasis on engaging our loved ones – parents and adult children, trusted friends or relatives – in deep conversations about our hopes and fears concerning our mortality. So, please invite them to attend with you!

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