It’s true that with aging comes its fair share of challenges and problems. It is equally true that as followers of Jesus Christ, we have purpose and value, and he is just waiting to use us in the lives of others and to continue his transforming work in us to be more like him.

For anyone aged 60 and over, retirement from actively following Jesus is not an option. We still have more learning and growing to do as his disciples, especially as we grow older. And we also have a responsibility to share with those who are younger than us what we’ve learned about living a faithful life and to serve our community with the skills we’ve acquired professionally and personally over the previous decades.

This ministry is of Holy Trinity parishioners for one another and our community. Our prayer is that in the months and years ahead, you will discover anew your value before God and what it means to live faithfully, leaving a witness of joy, hope and courage.

The Age of Wisdom and The Wisdom of Age

A Study of How the Wisdom of Age Is Honored in the Biblical Witness

Taught by Gil Greggs, PhD

Tuesdays, January 17 – February 21 from 4-5pm at Holy Trinity

How did ancient Israel and the early Church value the wisdom of those who had grown old in their time? Over the course of six short lessons, we will examine the way the Bible values the wisdom of elders, reading selectively in the books of I and II Samuel, Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, Job, Wisdom of Ben Sirach (in the Apocrypha), portions of the book of Hebrews in the New Testament and Revelation. The study assumes no prior study of the Bible.

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