Foundations Classes

Foundations classes are practical, biblically-rich courses offered between the morning services and designed to help equip you to be a life-long follower of Christ. We offer concurrent classes for kids, students, and adults! The Young Children’s Wing is open during this time for infants and preschoolers.

Read below for descriptions of each class. You don’t need to register, just join the class that suits you best!

Confirmation Basics: Building an Early Foundation in Christ

Apr. 7 – Apr. 28, 10:15-10:50am in the Youth Room

For Kids in Grades 3rd-5th

Confirmation Basics is a prep class for 3rd-5th graders that answers the essential questions about the gospel and faith. Over four weeks, we’ll look at Scripture in engaging, creative, and fun ways to learn the answers to questions such as:

How does the whole story of Scripture point to Jesus?

What is grace and what is repentance?

How do I have a personal relationship with Jesus?

What is liturgy? What’s actually happening during our church services?

This class will be taught by Matt Desmarais. We hope you will join us!

You Are Designed for Prayer

Apr. 7 – Apr. 28, 10:15-10:50am in the Courtyard Classroom

For Adults of All Ages

Every Christian is called to prayer. Prayer is our vocation, established in creation, and restored to us through the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross. In this four-week class taught by Claudia Greggs, we will learn more about this calling of ours and how God designed us to work with him in the world through prayer.

Godly Play: Knowing Jesus

Apr. 7 – Apr. 28, 10:15-10:50am in the Kids’ Classroom on the Second Floor

For Kids in Grades K-5th

For four weeks, we will walk kids in K-5th grades through a course called Godly Play, focusing on ways we know and encounter Jesus today. Godly Play is a Christ-centered, hands-on, tactile, wonder-based curriculum that enables space for children to imaginatively engage with the biblical text. At the end of the teaching time, there is space for students to respond by: answering wonder questions, playing with the physical story materials, journaling, or responding creatively with art supplies. This class is taught by Rev. Caleb Burr who leads our Family Ministry team and Susan Josephson.