Our podcast with John Yates, Why Are We So Restless, addresses why we seem to be unsettled, discontent and so easily distracted. He explores how our culture is forming us and then invites us to allow the gospel to reshape us into the image of Christ.

In addition, at the end of each talk will be a brief discussion of its application to daily life co-hosted by Center for Public Christianity Executive Director Josh Chatraw and New City Fellows alumnus Micah Vandegrift who are joined by a special guest each time. So continue listening at the end of John’s talk!

The podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts – search Holy Trinity Anglican Church Podcasts.


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Stories of Real Life

There is nothing more compelling than to hear from Christians about God’s transforming work in their lives. Listen in as Holy Trinity members share their stories of real life and testimonies of hope and transformation.

Featured Webinars and Talks

Hear from the Rev. Dr. John Yates II and Dr. Crawford Loritts on godly leadership, four New City Fellow alumni about relationships in the changing seasons of life, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior on beholding true beauty, Dr. Warren Kinghorn on anxiety and how medicine and Christianity can work together for good, and Anne Graham Lotz on hope from John 14