Host an Easter Egg Hunt for your neighbors.

The Family Ministry Team wants to equip you to creatively care for your community this Easter. It’s simple. They provide the Easter Egg Kit (which includes pre-stuffed eggs, crafts, bags, an event guide, and more), and you use the box to care for others as you deem best.

In the past, people have used this box to host an Easter Egg Hunt in their front yard for neighbors; others have facilitated a hunt for families of co-workers at the office; some have hosted a hunt with a local ministry partner; others have used the box to facilitate an egg hunt at Holy Trinity.

Some hosts have offered a gospel message during the event, while others have used it just to deepen relationships. It’s truly up to you! The goal is to creatively care for those in your circles.


The last day to sign up is Sunday, March 17! You can pick up your Easter Egg Kits after the morning services that day or on the following Sunday, March 24. If neither of those dates work for you, please email Rachel Sanders at to arrange for an alternate pick up time.

Watch the video below to hear from a family that hosted an egg hunt and learn how God blessed people through their celebration!