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The Way of the Wilderness: Lessons from Life in the Desert

Uncertainty. Fear. Delay. Frustration. Redirection. Hope. Uncertainty. Sound familiar? We’re not the first to live through a time like this. The Book of Numbers tells the story of God’s people as they made their way from Egypt to the Promised Land over forty tumultuous years in the wilderness. In it we see the human heart laid bare and the holy love of God confirmed. Let’s join Israel this summer for lessons from the wilderness.

  • 6/7       Numbers 9:1-14.  It All Begins with Worship.
  • 6/14     Numbers 9:15-23.  The Cloud and the Fire.
  • 6/21     Numbers 10:11-35.  Israel on the Move.
  • 6/28     Numbers 11:1-15.  Riot, Wrath and Moses’ Prayer.
  • 7/5       Numbers 11:16-25.  The Burden of Leadership
  • 7/12     Numbers 13:1-33.  The Spies’ Report.
  • 7/19     Numbers 14:1-25.  Rebellion.
  • 7/26     Numbers 20:1-13.  Moses Falters.
  • 8/2       Numbers 22:1-6, 24:1-14.  Balaam’s Blessing.
  • 8/9       Numbers 27:1-10.  The Sisters’ Search for Jesus.
  • 8/16     Numbers 27:12-23.  Joshua and the Promises of God.


Rev. Dr. John Yates III - April 9, 2020

Holy Week Daily Meditation

In John’s final meditation from Matt. 27:11-56 on this Maundy Thursday, take heart that on the cross, Jesus cleared the way to the holy of holies for you and me. We – yes, even we – have been invited to claim him as our saving grace and to enter the holy place of God.

Scripture References: Matthew 27:11-56

From Series: "Holy Week Together 2020"


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