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The Apostle Paul likes the number “one.” Ten times in his letter to the Ephesians he uses it to describe our life together as Christians. We are one body in Christ, joined together by one baptism, sharing one hope. It’s his way of talking not just about Christian unity but Christian identity. When we come to faith in Jesus Christ we are joined together as one new people. Over the course of five Sundays we are going to explore the nature of our new community in Christ and what it means to be one in Him.   

  • September 10 –  Ephesians 1:15-23 – God’s Plan for the Church
  • September 17 –  Ephesians 2:11-22 – A Torn Veil, a Broken Wall, a Holy Temple
  • September 24 –  Ephesians 4:1-16 – Unity, Diversity, Maturity
  • October 1 – Ephesians 4:17-24
  • October 8 –  Ephesians 4:25-32




The story of Jesus of Nazareth is one of the most impactful stories in human history. Regardless of one’s perspective, many believe that he is one of the most influential people to have ever lived, and that his life changed the course of history forever.

Throughout the gospel of Mark, Jesus is portrayed not simply as a prophet, or a good teacher, or even a radical attempting to overthrow the Roman authorities – but as a long awaited King, able to deliver people from the brokenness of the world. Because of this historical importance and the claims Jesus makes about himself, at some point we all will have to answer the question at the heart of the gospel of Mark, “Who do you say that I am?”

Join us at our Evening Service as we seek to revisit this all-important question. Come and hear from the earliest record of Jesus’s life and ministry, in the gospel of Mark a story, marked by mystery and majesty, brevity and brilliance, of a King who takes up his crown by laying down his life for those he loves.

  • September 10 – Mark 1:1-15 – Preparing the Way
  • September 17 – Mark 1:16-45 – Who is this King?
  • September 24 – Mark 2:1-12 – The Authority He Claims
  • October 1 – Mark 2:13-17 – The Company He Keeps
  • October 8 – Mark 2:18-3:6 – The Rules He Breaks
  • October 15 – Mark 3:7-35 – The Reaction He Provokes


Rev. Dr. John Yates III - March 26, 2023

Sermon: The Praise of the Forsaken

Scripture References: Psalms 22:1-31

From Series: "Songs of Sorrow and Hope"

How do I talk to God when I’m sad, angry or in despair? What do I say when I have no words? How do I pray when life is hard? These are questions we all wrestle with, and we often don’t know where to turn for help. Thankfully, the Bible isn’t silent on this matter. More than one third of the psalms are psalms of lament written in times of sorrow, sickness or fear. They are models for prayer that give voice to our pain, affirm the goodness of God and lead us ultimately to the suffering of Jesus for our salvation. Join us during the season of Lent as we learn to bring our heartache before God and to pray these songs of sorrow and hope.


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